PAR offers the finest selection of specialty ingredients utilized in formulating premium pet, livestock and aquaculture feeds. PAR has a diverse line of products including: hydrolyzed proteins ash, spray dried proteins, fats & oils, marine proteins, potato products, specialty feed additives, botanicals, flavors, sweeteners, and various other unique ingredients.

PAR’s signature product PIGGYMAX is a blend of specially selected premium quality proteins, peptones, flavor enhancers, vitamins and minerals which were specifically blended to closely approximate the aromatic profile of sow’s milk for palatability. This product is an ideal replacement in starter pig diets as an alternative to porcine plasma.

Hydrolyzed and spray dried products are concentrated and solubilized proteins which are created using a special enzymatic process to produce an extremely functional bio-available peptone for specific use in animal nutrition. These products are multi-functional as they have a low molecular weight and they are excellent palatability enhancers for cat and dog foods.

For more information on PIGGYMAX and other PAR products please feel free to contact us. If we don’t have the product you are looking for we will be more than happy to contact one of our many contacts that we have throughout the world to help you solve your sourcing needs.

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